Jugaad: The last resort to success

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"you know madam, people prefer coming to us rather than going to these big service stations, because their mechanics do not know jugaad. jugaad requires better skills. what is there in replacing the old part with something new and expensive, when a component can be made workable with jugaad. why pay more?" this piece of profound wisdom coming from the most unexpected of quarters, a local car mechanic, offers an insight into the mindset that we have inherited, and are able to pull along, for long, in all walks of life. how often have we managed our work with jugaad (manipulation), the ability to get by with hurriedly rustled-up solutions which replace any need for change in the systems... systems that fail to deliver, the absence of jugaad? unlike replacement, jugaad is something most of us can’t afford to live without, whether it is last minute railway reservation, or the admission of a child in a school that carries prime value, jugaad delivers all the times, at all the places. apart from information technology, the one thing indians should be proud of honing to perfection is the art of jugaad. from politics to housekeeping, nothing works without jugaad. so, if you find a piece of rope substituting for the seat belt of car, never mind. if you see a restaurant cleaner washing cups and saucers in a dirty little tub of water, ignore it. if you find hundreds of loose wires , dangerously making all the wrong kundi connections with an electricity pole, pretend you never saw it. for all of these are examples of jugaad - an art we have accepted and perfected. is jugaad a health hazard? never mind. it tells us of the great survival skills that we in india have perfected in an overcrowded, and overburdened society,with total disregard for order and discipline in all walks of life.