Indias Development Noise - Good For Growth?

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India has a lot of problems - population, apathy of the educated, pollution, and corruption. That is what keeps the country down. Can it move on? Tom Friedman said that technology is a great equalizer. Vinay Rai, however, disagreed. He said that the concept of Jugaad amongst the Indians was what made India so hot with technology. Technology doesn't make a place great, Rai said, people do. I couln't agree more! And THAT is what has worried me too. While we love Jugaad - or the unconventional ways to solve problems - we by contrast dislike system and standards. That is why it is difficult to find a way in Indian traffic. We love to hate lanes. For the uninitiated, India is chaotic. For those in India, the country has a method in that madness. The "way" that others cannot see is clear as crystal to one who lives in that world. Tolerance of Ambiguity has become so high that finally, ambiguity has a language. A language that has its own rules and its own syntax. Where each horn in the traffic is speaking and speaking clearly from one to another that the message is intended to be transmitted. The cacophony of the horns has a music. The Noise creates a unique music.