The creative age is coming

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According to author Daniel Pink (A Whole New Mind, Marshall Cavendish, 2008), the present knowledge age was preceded by the agricultural and industrial ages. What is coming ahead is the creative age, the conceptual age. This promises to be a period when right-brain-driven, creative people will play a major role in economic development. It may just be what plays to India’s strengths. The global lexicon has been enhanced by guanxi from China and kanban from Japan. India is about to introduce the world to the word jugaad, which connotes a makeshift, quick and dirty solution to a problem. When used in north India, the word borders on the pejorative. Thanks to references by both The Economist and BusinessWeek in the last two months, the word is acquiring a positive and endearing international status. Innovators and academics such as Dublin City University professor Gordon McConnell, author of a forthcoming book The Strategist Who Wouldn’t Play Chess, want to know more about jugaad.