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Tax Collection - not a problem any more

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Wed, Dec 10, 2008 — vincent


Since 2006, the government of the State of Bihar, in east India, has been plagued recently by a huge number of tax evaders. Some inventive soul at the local Income Tax Office came up with the idea of hiring the 'girls' (Hijra), from anywhere between a 4 percent to a hefty twenty-five percent commission, to act as tax collectors.

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Tax payers must get notification from government about where the money from our taxes is being invest.

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Mon, Aug 04, 2008 — sandeep.aspgw


Clear transparency between government of India and almighty People of republic India.
Detailed Concept:


Hi Friends...........

I have a concept in my mind.

It can be great handfull towards development of india.

All of we pay large amount of our earning in form of taxes,but what does happen with that money

we never know?have You think ever where do these money get invested?infact none of us know.

So through,I want to propose new concept that government should give us notification about

investment of our money.By that we can know that our tax is being invested for noble task not going waste.


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