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Retrofitted Car for Physically Challenged

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Mon, Jul 21, 2008 — priyanka

Mujib Khan, born in January 1974, is an automobile mechanic from Jaipur. Being handicapped himself, he understood the problems a disabled person faces, when it comes to mobility and has developed a technique to retrofit any car with attachments, making it disable friendly.

He wanted to drive like his father although he couldn't walk since the age of two after being hit by Polio. Though physically limited due to the disease , Mujeeb was not the kind of man who would sit at home and rue his fate.

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  2. India Today 7 July, 2008
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Scooter for the Physically Challenged

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Fri, Jul 11, 2008 — Yuvan

Most of the physically challenged people have to depend on others for moving around..but now they don't need to..coz they can have their own scooter and ride it around. All Thanks to Dhajibhai Kerai for this excellent thought and innovation. Dhajibhai is himself physically challenged, but this did not put him down, in fact this self taught man has always been on a lookout to make his life more useful and comfortable.

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