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Getting rid of petty crime and traffic offenses

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Wed, Nov 10, 2010 — maverick


Small time offenses are usually not taken seriously. Often a person can bribe a policeman to get out of the offense. We should altogether get rid of these fines and jail time for such small offenses. Instead we could try a different approach.
Detailed Concept:


This idea has a mix flavor of embarrassment and community service.

Here are a few examples:
A person breaks a traffic rule, say, cross on a red light. He or she should be stopped, ask to man the traffic light and ensure that no one jumps the red light. The person would continue this process for a reasonable time.

You spit on the road, you end up cleaning the entire street.

Such task could often make them embarrassed and also led to procrastinating their own work.

All in all, employing these techniques can make people more involved in their own community.

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Tax Collection - not a problem any more

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Wed, Dec 10, 2008 — vincent


Since 2006, the government of the State of Bihar, in east India, has been plagued recently by a huge number of tax evaders. Some inventive soul at the local Income Tax Office came up with the idea of hiring the 'girls' (Hijra), from anywhere between a 4 percent to a hefty twenty-five percent commission, to act as tax collectors.

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