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Shopkeepers using traditional money "IOUs" and "Tokens" when running short of change

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Tue, Sep 30, 2008 — sandeep.aspgw

Indian shopkeepers are making great use of "IOU" or "Tokens" when running short of change.

Places such as general merchant shop, at train reservation counters, in buses etc.

Shopkeepers in India found very resourceful solution for this problem.

They are using different tokens for different denominations.

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Currency for the Visually Impaired

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Wed, Sep 24, 2008 — vincent


Of the more than 180 countries that issue paper currency, only the United States prints bills that are identical in size and color in all their denominations. On May 20, 2008, a federal appeals court panel in the US ruled on Tuesday that the United States discriminates against the blind for the same reason.

So how do different countries solve this problem.

1. Different Sizes

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