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Jugaad to Remove grass and mud stains from clothing

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Mon, Aug 06, 2007 — maverick


Spray Windex window cleaner on the stain before laundering. Lightly scrub window cleaner into fabric with an old toothbrush. Launder with regular detergent. If heavily stained, repeat process again before drying garnment

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Need to press clothes for next morning and no Press around - No Fret

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Mon, Aug 06, 2007 — vincent


Since hostel days we learnt that there is no need to carry a bulky press when traveling. And now it helps me whenever I'm traveling.

Fold your clothes the way you would pack them, making sure you did not leave any unwanted creases while folding. Then put them under a heavy object. The best bet is under your mattress. Your clothes will be pressed by morning while you sleep on it.

Who said sleeping on the job will not get good results.


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