Organising The Information

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Everything seemed to be falling just into the right place, so now we had to focus on organizing the site.We were sure that the site would cater only to creative and resourceful ideas but those had to be arranged systematically. A lot of time was spent thinking on these lines and finally decision was made to distribute the information under three heads.

Lets go through them one by one.

1. Jugaads: This section would cater to ideas and solutions already existing. Users need not essentially be the creator or owner of the concepts. Here they would be only reporting and sharing the greta concept with the entire world.
2. New Concepts: Most of us keep getting new ideas and often we let them go waste. respects every idea and believes in zero wastage . It offers you a platform whereby you can put your unrealised concepts and new ideas which you feel could better develop if shared with resourceful people. You can put up your ideas here, discuss them , get inputs analyze them and who knows it might turn out to be a great invention in the future.
3. Challenges: Each one of us faces mny challenges in due course of life and many a times though we are able to find a way out, we know that the solution is not really an optimum one and this thought keeps bothering us...To get our users do away with this botheration offers the Challenges platform where a user can put up real life challenges and seek resourceful solutions by our great Jugaadu minds

Try these features and see how helpful they could be..