Driven by a Purpose

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An idea is of no use unless it bears some fruit. We might get many ideas every day, but of those how many have any takers except ourselves (Of course, we love our own ideas). Imagination can take you any where, fueling many ideas. But then that is still your imagination. How much of those thoughts can we realize?

So how does one find a purpose? Just look around. Fill yourself with curiosity. The challenges will appear right before you. Ever hear a local businessman complaining of something? Or your boss demanding to come up with an idea quickly. These are opportunities in the offing. Not all may be challenging enough or too big to solve, but you will find one if you keep a look out.

At, we want to offer you real life challenges. Challenges that may be not you but others are facing. Thinking for solutions for these challenges will help you (1) to be creative, (2) to help others, (3) make a better person out of you, and sometimes (4) even earn incentives (i.e. if you win the challenge). So there is chance for all users to benefit from taking part in solving challenges. And for other users facing challenges in every day life but are unable to find some resourceful solution, use the website to post your challenges. To attract a larger number of users to post solutions, you can offer rewards.