And Did We Make Mistakes?

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"Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes"  - Oscar Wilde

After deciding on the name and gradually getting clearer on the meaning of "Jugaadu", it was now time to start preparing the site.

We knew we were making a networking site but since its inception we wanted it to be unique. There had to be a purpose behind the site and what better than creativity and innovation. After a lot of heated debates and discussions, we thought of having another feature to the site that wouls attract many users. This feature was called "Deals". Through this section we wanted to apprise people with the best possible prices of various products across.

Great Idea we thought...but were we really in the right direction??

We took the next step soon and developed the site as decided with 2 main features

1) Jugaad: Dealing with the innovation and creativity aspect

2) Deals : This was the commercial aspect of the site.

All this kept happening, but somewhere we had a doubt...were we committing a mistake?? What could it be??

All through we kept discussing with various people and we got a mixed response. Then came a turning point in the life of We approached Mr Rajeev Karwal (CEO Milagrow) to discuss's state. It was He who made us understand that having too much in one site would not only be difficult to manage but would also make us lose our focus and we did realise that ever since deals had cropped up , Jugaad as a concept was less talked about within us. He guided us to focus on one thing and let it take its time to grow.

Jugaadu team met up again and discussed the meeting with Mr Karwal and thats when everyone realised the fact that is a very very special name, a great and extraordinary concept and so we as developers must respect its meaning and individuality and not mix it up with anything just for monetary gains.

Ever since is only about creativity, resourcefulness, inventions and innovations. Team expresses its many thanks to Mr Rajeev Karwal for the eye opener session he had with us.