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The Fun Part Of

One of the reviews to mentions

" Jugaadu's header alone is enough to make you feel light hearted. i love the cartoonish caricature on the banner "

Thanks Arnold for special mention of this aspect in your review

We confess till sometime back this aspect did not exist in

SWOT Analysis in New Concept

As we were building and introducing the new concept feature on the sit - promoting zero wastage of ideas, we realised that it might become difficult for the concept owners to manage and productively use the inputs given by various members. team started thinking of a tool through which the concept owners could easily manage the the inputs.

After a lot of thoughts was put into this aspect, team decided to introduce the SWOT analysis tool in this section.

What is SWOT analysis?

Organising The Information

Everything seemed to be falling just into the right place, so now we had to focus on organizing the site.We were sure that the site would cater only to creative and resourceful ideas but those had to be arranged systematically. A lot of time was spent thinking on these lines and finally decision was made to distribute the information under three heads.

Lets go through them one by one.


As planning for this very special site picked up, there was another very important and crucial task for team jugaadu. Yes it was to get our website logo designed.

Logo design as we all know is for immediate recognition, inspiration, trust and admiration. Thus it formed a very important aspect of and had to be taken up n priority basis.

And Did We Make Mistakes?

"Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes"  - Oscar Wilde

After deciding on the name and gradually getting clearer on the meaning of "Jugaadu", it was now time to start preparing the site.

In Search of Truth…….Meaning of Jugaadu??

Jugaadu/Jugaads are words or rather concepts that have developed over a period of time. Thus as we went by various articles in magazines, newspapers, internet tc. And also as we spoke to people from various backgrounds we realized that this word not only has a wide usage but also a variety of meanings to its credit. Lets see


Jugaadu/Jugaad are words which have a strong recognition in India. We are said to have this mysterious yet very valuable and powerful technology with us called the " Jugaadu Technology".

Having seen and observed the strength and credibility of Jugaadus within India and the recognition of this strength beyond the boundaries of the nation , we thought of sharing this concept on the World Wide Web.

The Idea is simple